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Growing and Maintaining Facial Hair

Beards are popular at the moment and look to be for a long time to come. With the winter chills, a beard is a great way to insulate your face against the cold. Having a great beard takes more than simply stopping shaving. Learn some other things to consider for healthy looking facial hair.

Strategy for better growth

Growing a beard needs a fair amount of patience. It can take around 4 to 6 weeks to grow in completely. While some areas grow faster than others, you may have a patchy or uneven look while it grows. Keeping your beard closely trimmed, the patches in the hair will be a lot less noticeable. To manage uneven growth, the longest hair should be trimmed down to the shortest hair level. Your barber can help you with that. It’s a great idea to have your beard trimmed the same time as your haircuts. Over time, the length and fullness will improve from the regular pruning.

Daily beard care

It’s a good idea to comb your beard and moustache every day. Not only does it make your facial hair a lot neater, you are training your facial hair to grow in the right direction. This combing will also help to control unruly hairs and free loose hair strands and tangles adding to the tidiness of your beard.

Cleaning facial hair

While you’re probably rinsing your beard in the shower and it sees some soap suds when you wash your face, none of these compare to giving your beard a good clean. Cleaning your beard twice a week, preferably with a product meant for beards, you’ll be washing away oils, built up bacteria, even dead skin cells. This will also help keep your facial hair in great condition, similar to washing your hair with shampoo. As an added benefit, regular washing of your beard will help keep the itchiness at bay, and leave your hair softer and shinier. Once you’ve washed your beard, simply pat it dry using a clean towel. Hard rubbing can make it frizzy and tangled.

Tame the beast

Prevent your beard from getting dry and out of control by applying a beard oil or a light moisturizer. It will also help with the itchiness and scratchiness that sometimes comes with sporting a beard.

Pruning promotes growth

When it’s time to remove some of the length, adding a beard trim to your routine haircut is a good move. Using professional clippers, your barber can give you a clean, comfortable, precise cut at any length