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Thinning hair. 5 things to avoid.

Losing hair can be a real concern. Premature balding seems all too common amongst a lot of men, young and old. A lot of the problems stem from lifestyle, rather than dipping out in the gene pool. Many men are moving towards baldness as early as in their 20’s. What’s happening with these men? What’s going wrong? We try and discover a few things that can be changed at home help with the problem.

Don’t comb like a crazy man

Assaulting your hair and heavy rubbing can cause some real damage. Don’t add to the problem by brushing or combing your hair too hard. Instead, you can use your fingers and palms to style your hair, especially if it’s shorter. Move it with the natural growth pattern. If your hair is longer, have a haircut. Did you know, a buzz cut or crew cut can help hide bald patches if you have some. It will make you feel more confident with your hair and look.

Don’t wash your hair every day

With shorter hair, most men won’t need to shampoo their hair every day. Using too much hair products as well as shampoo and conditioner will break down the hair’s natural structure. It doesn’t mean it’s time to skip the shower. You can wet or rinse your hair each day but you can skip the products if you want. Also, it’s a good idea not to don’t blow-dry or towel-dry your hair. Let it dry naturally.

Use hair styling products sparingly

Gels, pomades, clays and putties are for a specific purpose. They keep the hair in place and style intact. But you should be using them when you have a full growth of hair. If you use gel or any other styling product on thinning hair, the strands will clump together only for all to see the uncovered scalp. Play it smart, keep the product use light to help keep your head covered.

A cap can cause problems

Men, often, have the habit of pulling the hair back and holding it with a bandana or a hat/cap. This only increases the stress on your hair. Also, frequently use of the same cap or hat increases the chance of catching a scalp infection. This leads to increased hair loss.

Take hair loss seriously

Losing hair is a normal process and a man will lose as many as 100 hairs each day. However, problems arise if you start losing your hair in higher numbers; meaning the process has started slowly. Once balding starts, don’t deny it or don’t get used to it. Take your appearance seriously and immediately seek professional help.


Tips for fuller looking hair

Have a specific hairstyle in mind?

If you have a particular hairstyle in mind and find it hard to explain it, bring a picture along on your phone to discuss with your barber.

You only need 3 products