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The Cut

A statement haircut that looks cool and is easy to manage, the undercut is a great way to keep medium length hair. So named as you have a break between short and long hair, this style can be combed over, or slicked back. A hairdryer can be used to keep the style in check and to boost hair volume. The sides and back are clipped high and tight. The top is then layered medium to long with scissors. Edges are sharpened with detailers, and the look is completed with a cut throat razor. Slick this hairstyle back, comb it over, or brush the front section up for a pompadour.


Use a hair gel, wax or pomade as required to keep hair in place. Alternatively, use product on wet hair, use your fingers to mess the hair up and let your hair air dry.

Suited to

Curly, thin, wavy, straight hair

What to book

Men’s or Boy’s Style Cut

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