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The Cut

The men’s side part hairstyle has stood the test of time. It has been around since about 1910 and is a trend today. It has survived because it is a versatile haircut. It can be a casual or formal style. It is suited in an office as much as a workshop. It doesn’t take much to style with a little work, and you’ll be looking smart for the rest of the day. The top and sides are cut in a traditional fashion to give the side part haircut its all-around timeless look. The result is a short, neat style. The side part works best with thicker hair, though it is possible to style with finer hair.


Use a hair gel, wax or pomade as required to keep hair in place. Alternatively, use product on wet hair, use your fingers to style the hair and let your hair air dry.

Suited to

Thick, wavy, straight hair


Men’s or Boy’s Style Cut

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