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Some questions for you barber

A lot of men jump in the barber chair and just get the haircut the barber thinks ok at the time. They might provide a bit more detail such as a number one on the sides and back, with a little off the top. But, you can talk to your barber about the haircut you’re after. You would probably be more happy with the new look, and if it’s low maintenance you’re after, make life a little easier in the process. Here we have a few questions you can ask your barber next time you’re in the chair…

Ask your barber to get a picture

A common story. You get an amazing haircut, only to return a few weeks later and it doesn’t seem the same as before. A great way to ensure you will get the same amazing haircut next time is to grab a picture or short video of the cut after it’s finished. The barber won’t always remember the style you had even if you’re a regular.

This might have seemed a weird thing to request in days gone by. But with the social media craze, and sites like Instagram, a lot of barbers are taking pictures of their work anyway. So just nicely ask your barber to get a clear pic of your haircut to use next time you’re in for a cut. Or if you’re too shy to ask or forget, take a selfie after you leave the barbershop.

Will the haircut I want work with my hair type?

Another common question is does my hair suit the haircut I’m after? We see a style we like, but a particular style might not work with all hair types. Most barbers will ask you a few questions before they start the haircut. They will usually tell you if a style is not going to suit you or just won’t be achievable. But if the subject isn’t brought up by them, make sure you ask the same questions of them.

Your hair might not be suitable for some haircuts because it’s too thick, thin, or too short to get the same result. There might be other reasons that you won’t get the same results as your picture, so don’t be afraid to ask for your barber’s advice. You might need to let your hair grow longer, or not work for you at all. Get a better understanding of the haircut you’re thinking about by speaking with your barber before the cutting starts.

What product created the style?

You get a great haircut, go home and try to create the same style as the one by your barber. It doesn’t look the same. Why? Often it’s because you’re using the wrong product. You might be using hair gel, when the product you need is clay or pomade. Different hair products achieve different results. So if you want to create the same look at home after leaving the barber’s chair, ask the barber what product they used.

Can you cut it a bit shorter?

Don’t be afraid to ask your barber to take a bit more off. Just because they appear to have finished your haircut, doesn’t mean you can’t go a bit shorter if you want. Your barber wants you to leave the shop happy, with your haircut lasting a while. So if you think it’s still too long, just nicely ask them if you can have your hair a bit shorter.


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Maintain your new haircut

If you want to maintain your length, opt for a trim every four to six weeks, since any growth on short hair is more noticeable than on long hair. Regular haircuts help keep your hair strong and healthy.

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