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Should I trim my eyebrows?

Should I Trim My Eyebrows?

Well, yes. And here’s why you should…

The dreaded unruly brows. The mono-brow. You should trim your eyebrows.

Hey, you can look any way you want. But seeing as people are going to be looking at your face most of the time, they’re going to remember those brows if they look like a national forest. First impressions, lasting memory. So consider maintaining the brows as part of your grooming.

Before we get to the how’s and why’s, there is an important difference between “untamed” brows and “bushy” brows. Untamed brows might be growing half way up the forehead, or coming together to form a mono-brow. These you should trim. Bushy brows are ok if they are maintained. You don’t have to mow them down, just keep them looking good with the occasional trim.

Trimming vs. Plucking

Plucking eyebrows lessens the chance of regrowth. Pluck the hairs you don’t want to return, like the one’s between the brows, or outside the natural arch of the brows.

Sometimes the brow hairs can sprout from the fuller brows. They can grow outside of the natural arch and can look untidy. Don’t pluck these hairs as they help fill the brow. Just trim them instead.

Trimming is easy and quick

You shouldn’t have to trim more than a few hairs at a time. This is because eyebrow hairs have a shorter growth phase than scalp or beard hair. They are more like body hair. They can get unruly and need minor trimming, but they stop growing when they get to a certain length and naturally fall out. Then they regrow. This growth phase lasts around four to six weeks. Scalp hair on the otherhand can have a growth phase lasting years.

Eyebrows grow around one millimetre every six days on average. Over the six week growth phase, an eyebrow hair grows nearly a centimetre before stopping. The hair doesn’t fall out straight after, but when it does, the new hair grows faster than other hairs. There are some exceptions, which is why you notice stray hairs that need a trim.

Trimming your eyebrows at home

Trimming longer eyebrow hairs at home can be done with a fine tooth comb and a small pair of scissors. Comb the eyebrows straight up. This might take a few times the get all the offending hairs. Snip the hairs along the brow so the hairs no longer are outside the natural shape of the brow. When done, comb the brow back into place and you’re done. Yes, that’s all there is to it!


Tips for fuller looking hair

Eyebrows are designed to help us see.

The real function of our brows is to keep moisture out of our eyes when it’s raining or when we sweat. That arched shape helps divert liquid to the side of our faces, keeping those peepers clear.

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