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Proraso Allume Post Shave Stone


Reduce razor burn & stop minor bleeds with natural alum.

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Allume used after shaving as a natural immediate astringent. Made from potassium alum, the Alum Block has antiseptic and astringent properties to help close pores, soothe irritation, reduce razor burn and close up minor nicks or cuts.

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Weight100 g

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How To Use

Firstly, wet the stone with lukewarm water, then gently take it across the face, following all the areas which have been shaved. Avoid applying too close to the lips. Now apply a moisturising balm (Proraso is recommended) and then seal the deal with a dash of your favourite Aftershave Lotion. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and then leave to dry.


Quick and easy treatment of small nicks, cuts and blood spotting as a result of shaving. Also suitable for insect bites and stings. Suits all skin types.

Barbers Tip: In the 1950’s, men sporting crew-cut or flat-top hairstyles sometimes applied alum to their front short hairs as an alternative to pomade. When the hair dried, it would stay up all day!