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Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax 40gr


The popular Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax, so far known as a stick now comes also in a handy tin can. It looks really cool and belongs in every collection for that reason alone.

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Train your moustache with this hydrating wax. If you have two fingers you can start holding your moustache hair in place (especially those pesky hairs that sneak into the corners of your mouth), swirl your fingers around till it gets soft, then shape and style to your hearts, and hair’s, desire.

Medium weight wax for shaping and grooming the beard, moustache and side burns. With beeswax, cocoa butter and lanolin. Completely free of synthetic ingredients. In a very elegant, flat golden coloured tin can.

Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax itself is colorless and reminds of melted white candle. Due to its medium weight, almost creamy consistency it is easy to take out of the flat tin can. Between the fingers it gets pleasantly soft and a little sticky, which is the reason that shaggy hair can be controlled easily.

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Weight40 g

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How To Use

Once on your fingers, rub the wax together to warm up the wax. Then start to apply it from the center of your mustache to the edges.

If you want a more natural look, simply work a moderate amount of wax into your moustache and don’t twist the ends.


With the Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax beard, moustache and side burns get straightened and by the way get groomed due to lanolin and cocoa butter. The hair gets smooth and a little extra volume with a discreet sheen.

Packaged in a beautiful, golden coloured tin can with an elegant label.

Made in USA

(Without artificial preservatives or colors)

Content: 1.5 oz (43 g)