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Children & Young Kids Haircuts

A haircut is a new experience for a child. A kid’s haircut involves a stranger in an unfamiliar place getting close up and using strange machines. And if you have a small child, they might feel nervous about getting a haircut.

Let’s have a look at some advice that might make the haircut a bit easier.

1. Describe what the child can expect with the haircut

Even if you’ve never been to a barbershop, you can describe a typical haircut experience. When the child knows what to expect they can better prepare for the haircut experience.

You could tell them:

  • They’ll sit in a barbers chair and have a cape put on them
  • Water might be sprayed on their hair to help with the cut
  • Scissors will be used to cut their hair

2. Pick a good time to visit the barber

You might choose to visit the barber when it fits into your own schedule. Or right on opening time to avoid the rush. But for a better experience for your child might be when at their best time. That is, when they are well rested, not around nap time. It might also be a good idea to go when they have eaten so that’s one less distraction.

3. Go to a barber experienced in cutting kids hair

Is the barber experienced with cutting a child’s hair? Not all barbers have the knack of making a kid feel comfortable during the haircut. A good barber will try and make the haircut fun and talk with the child. Light-hearted interaction with the child makes for a positive experience.

4. Have them sit on your lap

Some kids will be afraid to sit in the barbers chair by themselves. One way to overcome this fear is to have them sit on your lap during the haircut. You will each wear a cape and your child will feel reassured with you sitting with them.

5. Get a haircut as well

A great way for your child to get to know the haircut process is for their parent to get a haircut as well. When your child sees his dad get a haircut for example, they can see that everyone has haircuts and they are part of it together with their parent.

6. Praise your child when the haircut is over

After your child’s haircut, praise them for giving it a go. Even if they cried during the whole thing, thank them for sitting in the barbers chair and giving it a try. Of course, if they were a pro during their first cut, then praise them for how well they did during something new. The haircut experience, which can feel invasive, is scary for many little kids. Whether a success or not, acknowledge your child’s efforts.

Your child’s first haircut will be a new experience for both of you. Be a supportive parent by explaining what to expect at the barbershop, and choose a time of day best for your child. Focus on a positive experience over perfect cuts if your child is struggling with their first haircut.

We hope these tips might make your kid’s first haircut, and the ones after that an enjoyable time for them and their parents.


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