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5 benefits of a hot towel shave

Barbers have special cabinets that keep towels heated to the desired temperature. When these items are placed on a man’s face prior to a trim, the heat begins to open the pores after only a couple of minutes. The hairs also start to soften, which is prime time to get out the razor and begin the shaving.

It opens your pores

Barbers have heated cabinets or steamers that maintain towels to a comfortably hot temperature. When the hot towels are placed on a man’s face prior to a shave, the heat from the towel will open the pores after only a couple of minutes. The facial hair also softens, which is the ultimate time to begin the cut throat shave.

You get a closer shave

Once the beard is soft, and the pores are open, the cut throat shave can start. Your barber will move the razor in the direction of the grain. It becomes noticeable right away that you get a closer shave with the hot towel method than simply slapping on some shave cream and scraping away. When the shave has finished, take a look in the mirror and see how much healthier your skin appears. The skin will also feel very smooth to touch.


As well as removing your whiskers, the hot towel shave is also an exfoliating treatment. Amazingly, the ultra-sharp blades remove up to four layers of dead skin cells with each pass. Making a hot towel shave a regular event is ideal as it allows for healthy skin cells to breathe. Your skin will appear fresher and clearer.

Removes ingrown hairs

Another benefit to this type of regular grooming is the removal of ingrown hairs. During the straight razor, or cut throat razor shave, you may notice a few blood spots appear. These are actually caused by the roots of ingrown hairs being pulled out. There’s no need to panic though, as once the shaving process has completed, the blood spots and any bumps that show up during the shave will quickly go away.

Helps resist razor burn

The first time you try a hot towel shave, you may have some mild irritation. This doesn’t always occur. A man’s facial skin will develop a resistance to any itching, burning or bumps that may appear during the initial shaves from your barber.